How I discovered the joy of snail mail

I once lived in a world of FB birthday messages. Not any more…

I married Laurence in November of the year before last. Laurence, the love of my life. But this blog piece isn’t about him. Or us. Or how we met. Or the day I knew I loved him. Or even the day I told him I wanted to marry him.

It’s about sending and receiving snail mails.

Until I met Laurence, I hadn’t sent or received a greetings card for years. Years and years. It is very possible that the last time I gave someone a card was when I was a teenager. It is also very possible that the recipient of this card was my mother.

Laurence’s family are big on snail mail. They exchange cards during Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries. And sometimes, they send each other cards, just because.

We received a number of cards when we were married and barely a month later the same people sent us Christmas cards. Yes I know. In many parts of the world, this is common practice and there’s nothing remarkable about it. It’s probably not blogworthy. As far as grand revelations go, it isn’t very grand. I know.

But it was so nice! I had forgotten just how nice it is when the postman rings the doorbell and gives me a bunch of envelopes with my name on it. Sure, some cards are really quite generic; the sender probably bought a box full of cards, and Laurence and my names were one of many on their list.

But then there are card senders like my mother in law who is just amazing. She will take the trouble to write a lovely little note. I presume she does that with every card she sends out. No ‘Happy Christmas, Love P and C’s for her. She will think of something nice to say to make that card that bit extra special. How nice is that?

How ridiculously nice is that?

I live in a world where FB reminds me of birthdays and when I could be bothered, I post a “Happy birthday. Have a lovely day!” message on the recipient’s wall. And I receive similar greetings on mine. Until two Novembers ago, that suited me just fine. I will admit though, that I have never sent anyone an e-card. Even I would not stoop to that level of laziness.

I now enjoy snail mail. I enjoy creating the greetings card (which is a blog post for another day), going to the post office and sending it off. I like imagining the recipient receiving the card; I like the idea that it made them happy, if only for a few minutes.

So much so that I now make boxes of cards and send it over to my friends hoping that they can get as much enjoyment from snail mail as I do. In this I am a bit like a person who has found religion or given up smoking. It is an unfortunate side effect but one we are all going to have to live with.

Here’s a picture of the first set of Thank You cards I made for my mother in law.

Thank You Cards
Thank You card set

P.S.: This post is a first for a few reasons:

  • it marks my return to blogging, 
  • it is my first post of 2016 and