52 Things I Love About You

Today is Valentine’s Day and this is the first time in my life that I am commemorating it. The first time ever.

I have always thought of Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity driven by Hallmark and Co.; if I had to stop and think about it, I probably still think of Valentine’s Day with a generous dollop of cynicism. I’m sure you’ve heard all the arguments before; ‘Why should I only wait for one particular day to tell someone I love them’ is my favourite. I am not sure what was different this year but I wanted to do something special for L.

Last year, when looking for Christmas presents, I came across the 52 Things I Love About You idea. The concept is really quite simple and ever so sweet. You get a pack of playing cards and for every card, you write down one reason that makes you love the person you are making this card set for. You bind it all together and et voila! You’ve got a lovely little present.

I realised I didn’t have enough time to make it for Christmas and decided to leave it for his birthday in March. I am still not quite sure why I decided to make it a Valentine’s Day present instead.

I googled it and saw a number of versions most of which were fairly basic cards with bits of paper glued to the playing card. I like crafting so I decided to make it a bit more special. I bought a pack of playing cards with a butterfly theme because I know L would like it.

Here’s what you would need if you want to make a 52 Things gift like mine:

  • A pack of playing cards
  • Card stock (I used white and dark grey)
  • Stamps (I used a flower and heart stamp)
  • Inks for stamping and distressing (whatever colours you like)
  • Corner rounder punch
  • Binder rings
  • Glue and scissors / paper cutter

Needless to say, you could make it as simple or as fancy as you like; but here’s what I did

  • Made a list of reasons why I love Laurence – I did this on Word
  • Measured a playing card and worked out what dimensions each white card would need to be
  • Made boxes on PowerPoint and created the layout
  • Printed it all out on thick cardstock
  • Stamped flowers and hearts on the entire sheet
  • Cut and rounded each card, stuck it on dark grey card stock. Then cut and rounded that
  • Stuck it on the playing card and punched holes in each card
  • Put all the cards through the ring binder

When I list it out like that, it sounds like a lot of work! But I did this over a period of a few weeks, a few minutes here and there. It was so much fun to make.

Here’s some pictures of the final product.

If you do plan on making one of these please note:

  • Making a list of 52 reasons is the easiest bit. I could have made a list of 365! However, if you’re struggling for ideas, make google your best friend.
  • You don’t have to add stamped images; you could just write your list on paper and glue it on a playing card
  • I have a Powerpoint template for the cards, give me a shout, if you want it