Stampin Up Thank You Note Cards

I bought this lovely set of stamps from Stampin Up; it’s called Work of Art and contains a set of 11 rubber stamps mounted on a wooden block. I bought it second hand from a crafter who is selling her collection so I didn’t have to pay the RRP which is a good thing, given that it costs about £27 (plus postage) if you were to buy it new!

work of art
Stampin Up’s Work of Art Stamps

As you can see, it’s an absolutely lovely set and I have yet to really play around with it.

So here’s the deal: Hobbies are a new thing for me. I have spent most of my adult life being that person who defines herself by her job. It was all I did.

Things are very different now and all of a sudden I am the girl who crochets, plays the guitar, scrapbooks and crafts – it’s a wonderful new way to be.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (thank you internet – you amazing thing, you) looking for ideas and follow a number of blogs and youtube channels for inspiration. I saw this tutorial for these notecards; they are so adorable!

I’ve used a different sentiment stamp and different punches since I don’t have the exact one she uses.

It’s still rather pretty.

So here’s the plan – I am going to make up sets of notecards; create an Etsy store and see if I can sell them. I don’t expect to give up my day job, but even if I could partly fund my hobby, that would be good enough. Might be worth a try, no?

Oh and I am not a Stampin Up demonstrator; if you want to buy any of their stamps, go to ebay! Buy second hand; it’s soooo much cheaper.