The darning needles are here!

I love crocheting; it’s so relaxing and I have such fun. The bit I detest is weaving in the ends. 

It’s so annoying!

You crochet away and create something pretty but you can’t move on to the next project because there are all those little tails of yarn that need to be dealt with first. I hate it and will often delay completing a piece just because I don’t want to deal with the straggly bits.

I have been crochet for about eight months now and have been using a thinner crochet hook to weave in the ends which is quite tedious so am rather pleased that I finally bought these needles; it won’t make weaving in the ends any less unpleasant but it might make it quicker.

I’ve just crocheted some coasters that need the attention of a darning needle and then I can move on!