September | A Card a Day Challenge – Week 1

I signed up for the card a day challenge over at the Card Making Talkies group on Facebook. As the name suggests, you post a picture of one card you’ve made every day.

First of all let me admit that I cheated a bit and didn’t make a card every day. What I did instead was use the cards I’ve made in the past so you will see some images here will be repeated from my previous posts. I am going to do a total of four posts for September and do a small write up for each card.

Here goes:

Day 1 Card 1


I’ve blogged about this one before and you can find it here.

Day 2 Card 2


Another one that I had blogged about in the past.

Day 3 Card 3


I love this one. This is my mix media Christmas card and I only wish I had used better card stock when I made it. I wanted to use sprays but didn’t have any so I made my own using water colour tubes and water. The bear was stamped and coloured sperately and then glued on to the background.

Day 4 Card 4 


Another one I had blogged about in the past. This is freebie image from the June edition of Making Cards. It’s cute isn’t it?

Day 5 Card 5


I am not very sure about this now. (I was when I made it :)) The snowflake is a wooden embellishement that was covered in gold; I’ve smuged the background with gold ink as well and it looks a bit messy, no? Not sure. The background is designer cardstock and the Merry Christmas was cut out from some Christmassy paper from Paper Chase.

Day 6 Card 6


This is a very simple one similar to the Thank You note card set I had made a while ago. This one is made on a Kraft card blank though.

Day 7 Card 7


I like this one:) The reindeer topper and the little star are from Hobbycraft. The white card is from Teresa Collins. (I bought it from Craftie-Charlie but they seem to have run out). I stamped and embossed snowflakes on the card blank. Added a little red eyelet to the tag, Stickled the cherries and used a silver glitter marker to go over the lines on the tag.

So there you have it – my Week 1 cards 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


Week 2

Week 3

Week 4