September | A Card a Day Challenge – Week 4

And here we are! The final week of the September Card a Day challenge over at Facebook. This was a fun week, I made a few cards I really liked and will be making more of. I tried ideas I have been meaning to and was pleased with the outcome of some.

Day 22 Card 22


This one was an idea suggested by a friend; a snow bank with a chicken paw(?)- prints. I die cut the card blank and some designer paper for the card. Die cut a smaller circle for the focal point. The card was distressed with sepia ink but i would probably use blue ink next time

Day 23 Card 23


A simple notecard I made ages go – kraft card blank with a simple flower stamp. The faux stitching is gel penned on.

Day 24 Card 24


This one got the most likes on the Facebook group. I like it too!

Day 25 Card 25


I’ve got a set of William Morris note card and this is a simple card with a WM print.

Day 26 Card 26


A water coloured card with a polka dotted card blank.

Day 27 Card 27


I love this one. The focal point is a page from an old book with leaves stamped on it. I used pearlescent water colours on it and distressed the edges. Some twine and double sided foam tape and there you go 🙂

Day 28 Card 28


Another favourite. This is a 4×4 card with a sheet torn from a book. My sister-in-law sent me some crayons and I used those to colour in the images. I love this card and will be making more of these

Day 29 Card 29


From a design standpoint, its no different from Day 26 but I didn’t have a lot of time that day!

Day 30 Card 30 (FINALLY!)


A washi tape jobbie – I think it’s far too bright but I REALLY did not have time to do anything better


Final thoughts on the Card a Day Challenge

So the good news is that I did it – I made it to Day 30 of the Card a day challenge but it wasn’t easy. Thinking of a new design for a card every day isn’t easy; finding the time and enthusiasm for it in the evening, post-work, is harder. But I made it.

One of the things I didn’t like was that my limited time in the evening was being dedicated to card making and there were times when I would have rather done something else. So in that respect, it ties you down a bit.

While I won’t be participating in the October challenge, I might modify it and do a ‘Craft a day challenge where I make something every day; a card, an art journal layout, something DIY; as long as it’s original.

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