Crochet Owls

I like owls; I think they are cute. And I REALLY like crocheting owls 🙂I’ve come a long way from my days of loom knitting when I made Eric.  This was my second attempt at making owls and it now hang’s in my friend’s kitchen.

I was asked to make an owl by another friend and she wanted them to be in a colour combination of orange and grey. Hey presto!

crochet-owls-3Aren’t they cute? I’ve used DK yarn and the patterns can be found here.

  1. Thanks to youtuber Stitch Stitch Boom Boom for the pudgy owl
  2. I found the granny owl pattern on Happy Berry Crochet’s channel
  3. Finding the pattern for the little owl keychain was a bit harder. The video is in Russian (I think) and I watched it many, many times to transcribe the pattern.

Oh and the googly eyes for the granny owl can be bought at any craft / toy store or on ebay.

Thanks for stopping by!