Finding Sheldon’s Clothes Folder or How I Moved a Step Closer to Nirvana

I remember the day I first saw Sheldon’s clothes folder.

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, you will know what I am talking about, but if you haven’t, take a look at this: (1)

Isn’t that just poetry in motion? The first time I saw it, instead of going along with the canned laughter, I was smitten. Not with Sheldon but with his clothes folder. There was nothing funny about this. Finally there was a way to fold my clothes to one exact size… how perfect was this!

Having no idea what this contraption was called, I Googled the search term ‘Sheldon’s clothes folder’ and here’s what I got:

Sheldon's Tshirt

You have no idea just how good it felt to see that there are people out there who have googled the same thing; people who have the same concerns about life, the universe and everything as I. I felt an instant connect with a hundred other Appus I have never met and will never meet. People who, like me, spend time on Buzzfeed and Life Hacker looking at articles like “10 great tips to fold laundry like a boss” and watch YouTube videos of people folding clothes. (Thank you, Google).

I am now on my second clothes folder, having worn the first one out. Not only do I fold all my clothes, I like to arrange them by colour. Once the shirts are folded, they are then folded once again, which allows me to stack them so I can see exactly what’s in the drawer without pulling the other shirts out. I get such a sense of peace and happiness when I see the drawers arranged neatly.

I use the folder to do both L’s and my clothes and it is a task I enjoy. If a younger version of me could see me now, she would probably be horrified at the sight of me, patiently folding my husband’s t-shirts, socks and underpants into neat colour coded bundles.

She would be convinced that I was trapped in an arranged marriage and was a prisoner somewhere, deeply unhappy with my life, desperate for a way out. (Cut to 1970’s Hindi movie shot of heroine staring at a caged bird whilst singing a mournful song)

Young Appu would never, in a million years, know that with every t-shirt folded and neatly stacked, I am one step closer to nirvana.

Oh and this is where you go, if you want a clothes folder.